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Full Version: Upgrading from MyBB 1.6.0
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I have a board (MyBB 1.6.0) running in localhost in order to test some plugins. The problem is that I need to update to 1.6.7 but what about my plugins? I am using some plugins that were released about a year ago, working with 1.6 and 1.4.
Will they still work with 1.6.7?
Also, which package should I use to update and what about the php files that I have modified?
Please see:

You should use the full 1.6.7 package, located here:

As for core file modifications, you'll have to note them down and reapply them after or you'll lose the changes.
You will need to convert your plugins to make them work on 1.6.5+ (1.6.7).
Read those threads for more information:

Just use the 1.6.7 package and upgrade whenever you're ready. Make sure to follow this guidelines:

Make a backup of your modifications and apply them to the new files.
Thank you both for your replies.