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Check... check... check... it... out...!

It's a custom skin made by me!
it looks great, i dont quite understand the forum names though lol gant buuf? lol

Thanks for the feedback!
It seems that I can't access your website...

It loads very long and just shows "The connection has timed out".
Man, I am not liking my host...

Thanks for the feedback.
willow Wrote:it looks great, i dont quite understand the forum names though lol gant buuf? lol
GANTdesigns was inspired by mattahan's GANT icon set.

The solitary stroke shadings and transcendent drawings startled us in ways that we could not imagine. The detail of each icon is unbelievable and speculative by its uniqueness.

Since 2002, mattahan released many of his artwork through the internet; parts of his creations are icons that he called GANT. Ever since he released the GANT icons, it materialized in the customize Windows based websites.

His artwork is primarily introduced in, but widely spread due to popularity. This is when we come in, we simply collect GANT related designs and display them in GANT gallery. Considering that, many users tend to create styles that use GANT icons and publish the style throughout the internet, which an array of users tries to search for those distinctive creations and styles.

Under the Styles tab to the right are many GANT related customizations for your computer. These customizations, including visual styles, wallpapers, cursors, and boot screens, will transform your desktop from the boring default Luna theme to something much more creative and inspiring.
The theme it's self is nothing special. The new post icons should be something other than the defult ones.

I really like your logo btw . . Smile
Thanks Smile

I am currently needing assistance with the layout. I have some IE and FF problems. If anyone would like to help me, please PM. Thanks.
yes your host is useless, cant navigate the pages without it timing out
I love the header/logo thing. Big Grin
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