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Full Version: [For Sale] ThemeFreak - Site / Domain / Themes
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Unfortunately it looks like i will have little time in the foreseeable to continue developing themes and maintain the site i have built. So i am looking to sell the site / domain / themes that are with it as well as a Call of Duty theme i was working on recently. The site ranks quite high when searching for 'MyBB Themes' and 'Premium MyBB Themes', gets on the second page when earching for 'MyBB' so hopefully that means something. Wasn't to sure on what stats to add from analytics as it's the first time i've done this so added the following, Organic Search Traffic, Visitors Overview & Traffic Sources Overview.

You can view the site here -

Open to offers (preferrably PM)
Would you be willing to just sell the domain?
Yes, i'd be willing to let the domain go on it's own.
Closed by request.