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Full Version: Graphic designer wanted
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Is their a graphic designer who wants to
make a corperate logo for my forum for free.

I am not zo good in designing.

If you would like it the size has to be
248 pixels width
82 pixels high
the name has to be logo.gif

would you like to what name the logo.? and what's the color?
In the colors of the forum please.

And it has to include:
Pro Marketing Education

and in smaller letters
The forum where you learn valuable marketing

Thanks for your time,
What Colors do you prefer?
Maybe i can help you then Wink
same darkblue color as my breadcrumb letters please.

you can see it at

I will do my best..

Btw Nice Forum and I am dutch too Wink
almost done Big Grin

wait a few mins and its there Wink

EDIT: Check Post Below
It is a simle style only text and not much effects but looks real nice:

Your Image Can Be Found HERE

The Only Problem is:

I changed the image size but in mybb isnt that a problem Wink

so enjoy Big Grin
* MiNT points out the edit button to RobertProductions
MiNT Wrote:* MiNT points out the edit button to RobertProductions</span>

What do you mean?
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