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Full Version: Help with mybb & Wordpress
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Ok, I have 2 questions.

1. I would like to link my Wordpress comments to my forum. I am aware of wordBB, but this plugin always creates a new thread rather then letting me link to an existing thread.

Thus my question is as follows:
  • Is there a plugin that allows me to link the comments to existing threads?
  • If the above is not in existence, is there a way to add a new button, on my WP editor, that will allow me to create a new mybb thread (maybe using wordBB) OR to make a new html comment link to an existing thread?

2. I am aware that Wordpress allows users to email their Blog Post. Is there a way to create an admin only, Post Bit link, that would email wordpress a particular thread (preferably with an HTML link to the current thread, for all comments)? If this is possible, mind helping me with the coding?

I will be forever grateful if you can help me with this!

Thanks in advance!
close comments and put a link to the original thread on your forum
(2012-04-14, 09:35 PM)Solstice Wrote: [ -> ]close comments and put a link to the original thread on your forum

Is there a system that can do this without having to manually do everything?
Still looking for a solution to # 2, but I already coded my own plugin for #1.

Solution to #1: