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Full Version: creating a html landing page
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hi hi i want create a landing page for my site with a enter site button like this site how can i do it i know how to add a page i`m just stuck on HOW to create the page itself with a button to enter
Move your forum to
Make sure in your admin cp that the forum url is set to /forums and soforth

Create a page in your home directory called index.html
Make your button in photoshop or find a template online

Add this code

<a href=""><img src="directory for image" /></a>
I don't think that's what it appears to be, because:
His MyBB is hosted in a subdir.
then he can just redirect to that page then -_- it doesnt matter where its hosted
(04-16-2012, 12:13 PM)TMGFX Wrote: [ -> ]then he can just redirect to that page then -_- it doesnt matter where its hosted

please don't misunderstand me, I had my reply open before I saw your post. Your information is spot on, and yes he could do a .htaccess redirect but I didn't know if that was case here. Having only MyBB software on site is a cool idea though. On mine I have a separate landing index.html that goes to the forum but it doesn't behave like a "lockbox" landing page. People could go to forum directly by going to /forums/ I think a forced landing page where you'd have to click enter (or agree to terms) to see ANYTHING would be someone difficult (for me at least). Maybe use of javascript and a cookie requirement?
A forced landing page could be used in someway like the portal by setting it as the homepage but yes that does require .htaccess editing but blocking a subdirectory unless you agree to terms is kinda hard to implement, but also i dont think this guy wants it so im just gunna wait for his reply and see what happens from there, also sorry i didnt know

I also used the landing page on request by a site i made for this youtube network, go here to view them
yeah i want it the same as the link i put up landing page/portal/forum the redirecting aint a prob i can do that its just creating the button to click to enter that i need help with
You can try this styling:

#featured_wrap {
	margin:0px auto;

	#featured {
		padding:50px 0px 50px 0px;

		#featured_info {
			margin:20px 0px 0px 0px;

			.featured_button {
				padding:20px 0px 0px 0px;
				background: url('../images/featured_button_sprite.png');

			.featured_button:hover {
				background: url('../images/featured_button_sprite.png') 0px -61px;
			.featured_button:active {
				background: url('../images/featured_button_sprite.png') 0px -122px;

This in your index.html (@ ENTER SITE you can change whatever text you want shown on the button)
	<div id="featured_wrap">
		<div id="featured">
			<div id="featured_info">
<a class="featured_button" href="YOUR_FORUM_URL_HERE">ENTER SITE</a>
			</div><!--end #featured_info-->
		</div><!--end #featured-->
	</div><!--end #featured_wrap-->

here's the button sprite:
im still not sure im not that good with this coding stuff but this is the html that i`ve got in the box for the landind page now with is the page image and you just click anywhere on it to enter

<a href=""_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

how do i change it to put the button on it to click if some1 could put the text that i need to put for the page that would be great