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Full Version: Upgrading from 1.6.5 (1605) to 1.6.7 (1607)?
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I'm going to take the leap of faith and upgrade from my host's install of MyBB 1.6.5. I'm ready to take the plunge... but... how do I properly upgrade from 1.6.5 (1605) to 1.6.7 (1607)?
[Wiki: Upgrading] (Broken link, head over to instead)
I've made this upgrade in the last few days

1) Get "Changed files package" from 1.6.5 to 1.6.6 here

Do the upgrade with those files, then:

2) do the same with Changed files (1.6.6 to 1.6.7) here:

Make sure your language files & templates are up to date too
how can I find out if my language files & templates are up to date? thank you. And I take it upgrading 1 release at a time like that is the safest method?
The install script runs in 2 or 3 quick steps, and only a logged in admin can run it. There is no security problems at all.

Open 'inc\languages\english.lang.php' you can see the line:

// Compatible version of MyBB
$langinfo['version'] = "1607";

Check this in your [language].lang.php

to manually update it:

Compare it to english v1.6.7 and update your own lang files.
I just followed these instructions and everything seems to work when upgrading straight to the 1.6.7 package, but I used the following in my .htaccess file 'deny from all
allow from {my public ip address}' (make sure to remove brackets) it works to keep all traffic of the site and allows me to run the upgrade.php when done.:
All other versions

Unzip the release archive to your computer using an archive utility capable of decompressing the download format you chose (WinZip, WinRAR)
Using an ftp client (FlashFXP, FileZilla, SmartFTP), upload the contents of the 'Upload' directory to the directory in which you have a previous version of MyBB installed, with the exception of uploading of the following file:
In your browser, visit the URL where you installed your forums, appending /install/upgrade.php on to the end of it.

If you installed your forums to, then you would visit
Select the version of MyBB which you were previously running and click 'Next.' Follow the upgrade process through making sure each step is completed successfully before clicking 'Next' to continue with the next steps of the upgrade process.
Once the upgrade process has completed, please remove the install directory from your web server and follow any remaining instructions in the upgrade wizard, or in the announcement for the upgrade. This can include reverting selected templates to default.