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Full Version: Table Headers (Customized in this style) question.
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I just dont get it .. I changed my Forum Color Text to that particular area but the color is still Blue...

I wanted the Table header color to show a white color text link but its not showing and its still blue... I changed it but its not working.. does anyone know where to change this?

Themes --> My theme -->Edit options --> Table Headers (Customized in this style) ... I changed in fonts
The text is suppose to be White.

this is my code:

I changed it to this and still not working.

Background : #333333 url(images/MainPane.gif) top left repeat-x
Font Color :  #FFFFFF
Font Family : Verdana
Font Size : None
Font Style :  None
Font Weight : None

Normal Links
Background  None
Font Color : #FFFFFF
Text Decoration  : bold

Visited Links
Background  None
Font Color : #FFFFFF
Text Decoration  : bold

Hovered Links
Background : None
Font Color  #FFFFFF
Text Decoration  : underline

This is my forum site:

please help... thanks !
I think the problem is your javascript to make the links change their colors. Does it work if you disable the script?
Even if the script is removed and not removed it does that ... hmmm to avoid confusion ill remove the script first... >.< *removed script*

Im thinking it must be the body links... but body links are the semi-global links... and why is it that it doesnt work ? is this a wrong code ? or something or wrong installation?

ummm it was ver 1.1.7 - and it had this problem... I already upgraded to 1.1.8 and still experiencing this...

im really confused... thanks for the reply... Same link to access the page i already removed the java script glow.