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Full Version: Green Template by RP
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My Green Template Big Grin Big Grin

Anyway leave your comments so i can change it Wink

[Image: rpgreen.gif]

Download it HERE

Again: please give comments Big Grin
The themes quite nice.
Can I suggest that you use a different format for your screen shot. Im on braudband and that took a long time to load.
It's so green it makes me want to see a clover for the logo image.

Looks nice.

Also, I agree with Mint even though it didn't take overly long for me to load you should either not post such large images, or maybe just put something in your post title to warn dial-up users.
oke i will change the image size Wink 3 mb lol oke tnx for your comments more comments are always welcome Big Grin Big Grin