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Full Version: Plugins to show member's websites in postbit?
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Hi All,
I have been searching for a/few plugins that does the following:

1. Adding user's twitter URl in the Postbit. For instance, in this thread, it will show "Nishant's twitter" or "twitter" which will link to MY twitter account so you guys can see it.

2. Same thing as twitter for facebook.

3. Member's URL. So every member can add their blog/website's URL in the CP and it will be shown in the posts that they make.

If you can help me find em, it will be great!

Note - Found one for fb at
you just need add website in template thanks
What's your forum?
(04-17-2012, 02:44 PM)weBex Wrote: [ -> ]What's your forum?

That would be