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Full Version: can't get into website
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hey for some reason i can't load my website...i thought i was suspended from my host but they said that they can load my site perfectly with no problems...they told me it could be my cache/ i reset my history and still you guys know what else i can do? im lost and i can't even go to my admin panel or nothing...any help would be great...thank you!!!

my website is:
I'm loading your site fine too.:
hey yaldaram...yeah it's not loading for me...maybe i blocked myself out with my block spammer plugins? i have

goodbye spammer
security question

i dont' know what's going on....can you think of anything guys?
Are you using Chrome ? if yes then Click on "Wrench" icon > Settings > Under the hood > and Untick "Predict network actions to improve page load performance" checkbox.
well im also using internet explorer, mozilla, chrome...iphone...they all aren't working at my house...i think im going to try some wifi spot somewhere....but im also going to do that too...anything else?
It's loading for me, try this: or try to see if it's your IP!