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Full Version: Full back-up?
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Hello guys,

If I want to move a forum to another host for for example.

How can I take a full back-up that I don't lose anything.

The design, all plugins, members etc., I need everything that it looks exactly the same if I upload to another hostingWink
[Wiki: Database_Backup] (Broken link, head over to instead)
Only on the mybb admin cpanel? I don't understand it, only post if you can help me personally!
Under the Tools & Maintenance in Admin CP, there is a way to create a back up.

Then you can use Big Dump to port it into your new host:

You can alternatively talk to your host about it too.
Some hosts would be more than happy to help you move to them, if you provide them the login credentials to the old host.

This is especially helpful with larger databases as there tends to be time out issues when doing it yourself.
Database backup doesn't take care of your files such as avatars and images for your theme..or attachments.