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I'd like to announce the opening sale for LIGHTS. This beautiful theme was designed by Connor L. of Codicious, and coded by Jordan L. It's a beautiful theme with a collapsible sidebar enhanced with cookies and optimized with CSS buttons + minimal images.

Price: $14.99 AUD!
Demo: Lights Demo Board

How to buy:
You can buy LIGHTS by sending $14.99 AUD to [email protected], then PM'ing me here with the subject "LIGHTS Purchase" and the transaction ID of the payment. For the time being due to numerous complications, I am unable to set up an automated system. I'm terribly sorry for this.

Jordan Lovelle.
Looks good! Smile I may purchase a copy at a later date... I will let you know. Smile
Thanks! And sure, just PM me whenever you're interested. Smile
Every thing is quite nice except the icon used for sidebar. It should be similar in colors or unique;
Thank you for the suggestion, Yaldaram. It may perhaps be changed. (Though it's easy enough to change if you don't like it, just replace the image Wink)
Finally it's out.

Best of luck with salesa Big Grin
Thanks, Kewl! Smile
I can't wait to buy this when I get some money.
Anyways, goodluck with sales!
I'm the first buyer again.
(2012-04-18, 01:48 PM)Solidus Wrote: [ -> ]I'm the first buyer again.

Live demo please?
Big Grin
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