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Full Version: Captcha on Post
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Is there a mod or plugin that I can make it so until you have 5 posts, you must complete a captcha before submitting it? If you need more clarification please let me know.
This tip will force Captcha to the new users having the post count below 5 posts.

Open the following files;
./showthread.php line 1052
./newreply.php line 438 and 1030
./newthread.php line 370 and 881;

Search for;
if($mybb->settings['captchaimage'] == 1 && function_exists("imagepng") && !$mybb->user['uid'])

and Change it into;

if($mybb->settings['captchaimage'] == 1 && function_exists("imagepng") && (!$mybb->user['uid'] || $mybb->user['postnum'] < 5))

Change the 5 the the number of posts you want to check against.
okay this is how I did it perfectly. Big Grin

Me Wrote:what if determined appropriate group?
certain groups should use captchaimage,
certain groups who do not use captchaimage?
and what if more than one group?