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Full Version: Flectron, the Next generation of Dubstep
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I just completed my site flectron
  • A VIP membership option
  • Donation System via Paypal
  • Shoutbox
  • Facebook Like integration
  • Anti Spam on both the forum and registration
  • Nice sleak theme
  • Twitter integration

I need as many reviews, so i can begin the next bunch of improvements

So Register and Join our Fan Site
Bump, ive added some minor changes
Logo is terrible, there's no content, you have a donate button up with no content or members to even consider donating, you have a shoutbox in place when there's no need for one considering there's no posts, the twitter widget is misplaced and looks odd being on the footer, the theme has been done before and is slightly overused, you have /way/ too many forums, of those forums there are links that should go in the toplinks rather than a linking forum and your forum organisation is extremely poor. Hope that helps for feedback.
Okay cool thx, I look into changing those thing in your feedback
You say the site is about dubstep but I see no forums or sections dedicated to dubstep at all Confused
Im a Dubstep artist, Im still planning the site. Just need feedback really atm to improve the site
I'm soughting out a revamp on my site, so it may take a while to prepare the resources needed Smile
wait you are trying to get 2000 gbp from a site thats just starting up with little to no content

Lemme know how that goes....
It's ready for members if they want to donate, they don't have to donate its there ready
Just a TIP: Never ask donations if you just started the site. It makes you unprofessional.
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