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Full Version: my site shows hacked by cyber jogis
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my site management shows (domain/forum/admin) site hacked by cyber jogis. i have attached a n image of my site. how i can restore it without loosing plugin and data including users and posts. my admin section is working but some time it shows attached screen .please help
what version of mybb you're using? If so, please update you're mybb version to the current release. For more info how to protect you're forum please visit this => . By the way you have denied support in this community.
Using x10?
Change your hosting, get paid hosting.
Make sure you've updated copy of MyBB.
I'm assuming you have database backup and access to admin cp.
Upload the old db.
You use a vulnerable version of the Facebook Connect plugin. You need to go into your database and delete a user whose username has something like <script> in it. Also, upgrade to the newest version of the plugin.
thanks for suggestion.
please check my site it does not have any objectionable stuff. so please remove me from this category( support banned)
my site