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Full Version: Resubmitting a plugin?
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I was wondering why my plugin hadn't been approved after a week, and then I realized that it didn't work properly with the latest version of MyBB (I tested it on 1.6.4 for some reason.) I just fixed the bugs and uploaded a new file for the plugin, is there anything I need to do to get it checked again?
You need patience. That's all. We're all volenteers here.
Sorry, I wasn't trying to be impatient, I just thought that "awaiting validation" was displayed for rejected plugins too and that I would need to make another submission with the bug fix. I didn't see anything that said how long it normally took for a plugin to be approved.
The submission page says something like "usually less than 24 hours" but that seems like it just will cause trouble for the mods. I'd change it to "within a 7 days" or something absolutely achievable. :-)
Currently no staff members have access to the mods interface. All plugins that have been sumitted within the last 10 days cannot be approved until access is restored.

Please have patience while we restore the site back to its original state.