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Full Version: Bronies Australia
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All there was for bronies in Australia were Facebook groups, so I decided to create a forum for us. The result has been a long term project that is quickly growing.

I'm open to feedback about the forum. Leave any negative comments about bronies out of it (I get enough of it, thanks).
It enlightens me that such a small niche is still an actively discussed topic especially when limited by geography. Well done mate, top job.
Like the idea, hate the theme.
(2012-04-29, 06:03 PM)wethegreenpeople Wrote: [ -> ]Like the idea, hate the theme.

Agreed. Needs more colours and rainbows.
The theme was created by me. I'm more of a developer than a designer, so I reckon it's beautiful Toungue

It will get a re-design in a couple of months when I get a chance. My priorities are adding new features.
I'd like to see rainbows and unicorns in the theme.
(2012-04-30, 07:11 AM)Mr.Kewl Wrote: [ -> ]I'd like to see rainbows and unicorns in the theme.