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Full Version: Ipb 3 to Mybb
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As i posted a thread before.
Someone gave me link to converter

but i dont know how to download that?
try to look at these and ipb3 is still not on the list. so you have to convert to smf or something who is compatible there. then after merging to some boards what is compatible merge it to mybb now. desame file or link i gave you
Already know but the code is available at there is a download link there

just go inside the files or folder you will see a download link there near top

example is History | View | Annotate | Download (4.1 kB)
Download each file seperate :| crazy mybb team Big Grin

yahh tested on localhost itz perfect Big Grin
nah just download the ipb3 files.. it will still work. to merge,. haha...
(2012-05-03, 06:10 AM)JoshJat Wrote: [ -> ]Download each file seperate :| crazy mybb team Big Grin

Do you realize to download files from the SVN you can use an SVN client, right? There's no need to manually download each individual file...

hehehe done bro..bud user password r not converted
JoshJat, does IPB 3 load forum pages with AJAX? why are you porting if you don't mind me asking? I've been looking for a solution to load pages in MyBB with out the whole screen refreshing on each click. Someone said IPB 3 does what I'm asking, is this true?
here's referenced thread
Its only what u asking for. But i like mybb coz of mybbgomobile plugin, IPB's mobile skin is heavy.
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