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Full Version: 1.2 themes
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Has anyone posted themes for 1.2 yet? There aren't any on the mods board, and I can't do a search for "1.2 themes" since 1.2 isn't long enough. Jeesh! I'm looking for one with a yellow theme! Thanks!
Since 1.2 has only been out for a matter of hours I doubt there are many themes ready for the new version just yet. I know some theme creators wanted to get some themes out quickly after the release of 1.2 however, so I imagine some will appear shortly.
Yeah, I know it's only been out for a few hours, but I also know that members have been working on mods and I was just curious if any of them had been released yet!
Yes give us time. The color modifications and styles (CSS) for the themes seem to be fine. The only problem that I have run into with the themes I have done is the template bits. Since there were additions it appears the easiest way to do these changes is to just recreate them in 1.2.

I should have the first two themes I did for myBB out by Sunday or Monday at the latest.
Ok, you're the best.

I also request the theme "Orange Ice" to be modified, pleaseeeeeeee.

Cheers, and thanks !
At least I was able to copy and paste most of the css from the 1.1.x theme and play with the codes of the mybb at least the theme sort of looks like the old one. That will tide Grilldog over until the actual modified one comes out! Smile

And I will delay upgrading until the last minute, to give you all plenty of time to release updated mods and themes! LOL Wink