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Full Version: Calliope's Tablet - Collaborative Fiction Writing & Roleplaying Community
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Hello there MyBB community. I'm Dashmiel, Owner of Calliope's Tablet, and I'm here today to showcase it to you.

[Image: logo.png]

We at Calliope's Tablet are a fresh community devoted to textual role-playing games, collaborative fiction writing, writing in general, and art in all of it's forms.

While we're currently in a "work-in-progress" stage, as far as rolling out new features goes, you're more than welcome to join our community and be a part of it right from it's inception.

We also have a fully functioning chat* system for you to use in quickly communicating with your fellow writers or just general lounging in between writing sessions.

So come on in to Calliope's Tablet, and unleash your inner muse!

Feedback givers: Please keep your feedback constructive and adhering to the Showcase Guidelines.

*Chat system is not open to guests and is not a part of this showcase.
Hi, nice idea for a forum

Looks: Ok, it's a nice simple theme (Justin S) but I would suggest a little tweaking on it to make it more yours and tidy up some of the changes you have made.

You need to swop out the post icons or possibly get rid of them entirely; the gifs do not go well on a dark background, so you need pngs or better gifs. The nav bar is looking very crowded, again, check the gifs.

Construction: You need content. Until you have some content I would look at reducing the number of forums and using thread prefixes to split up your discussions etc (or sub-forums if you HAVE to have forums). Get some friends in and start adding content.

The Chat I strongly advise to get rid of it. Chats kill small start up forums - if members want to communicate get them to post.

Like I said - nice idea - and I wish you luck with your forum
I will say that I lost interest the further I read into your description.

Textual role playing: Cool! That's a nice niche.
Collaborative writing: Hey, that goes hand in hand with role playing.
Writing in general: Um ... OK, but there's already lots of great writing forums.
Art in general: Wow, that's really broad.

Focus on your niches.