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Full Version: flood control
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I would think 60 seconds is a bit too much for us fast typers. I find 30 seconds to be more reasonable to prevent spammers yet allow your regular posters to be active and participate. Nothing more of a downer than waiting to post your message. It's like giving a hit TV show extra commercial breaks. I usually end up leaving the site and viewing something else. Yeah...I come back eventually to make the post. suggestion is to lower the flood control to something more reasonable.
I believe this regards to these particular community forums, so I'll be moving it to forum & website.
Ya I agree. 60 seconds is way to long.
Definitely! I thought it was set to 30 seconds here? Did they change it with the upgrade? I hadn't noticed!
Value changed to thirty seconds.
I think its still to long. Maybe 10 or 15? Then again, I type and post pretty fast :p
Thirty seconds is reasonable enough. Setting the value lower would defeat the whole purpose of the system Wink
Sad Alright. Its just a conspiracy to make me wait :p Big Grin
Guess what, i just noticed the same thing Big Grin
I find 20 seconds acceptable.

I often bump into this post flood restriction...
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