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Full Version: Where did this go?
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Before in the codebuttons template you used to be able to edit the area where the Font, Text Size, Text Color, drop-downs for posts. But now it just has the javascript.

Does this mean that all of the attributes for these functions are now in the javascript file or have they moved somewhere else?
I'm just bumping this topic because I am still looking for some insight as to how to solve this dilemma.
The language stuff for them bits is here:

And the main code for it is here:

Hope that's what you was looking for?
Actually I was hoping to style that area. Before you had that area in tables and what not. Now it seems to just be a javascript file because the codebuttons template is empty except for the link to the js file.

I just hate the plain background and had made backgrounds for that area in my previous skins and I was hoping to update them. That is my goal.
Actually I think it would be better if I showed an example. This is the theme I had done and this portion was in the codebuttons template but now it is not there.

How would I go about copying the CSS for the area where the Font, Size, Color, etc. buttons are located. I am not so much worried about the drop-downs, but more with the background attributes.

Image Link
No post in 3 days. Time for a bump.
Whoa, ever hear of this: ?
might help your forums cause less seizures/detached retinas.
Ok, and how does this help the topic at all?
Does no one know how to answer this problem?

3 days without a post. Time for another bump.
You mean like Admin CP -> Themes -> Modify / Delete -> *your theme* -> MyCode Formatting Toolbar ?
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