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Full Version: How to change color?
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OK, I've been pretty successful in updating the theme from the default (in 1.2), but I'm having one problem finding where to change the color for the headers. See screen shot, where I need to change from orange to blue on "Help Desk" and "Bark Here".  Thanks in advance!

Sub headers on CSS??
Well, what would the code be? I'm not too familiar with CSS? Thanks!
u dont need codes, this is what i mean:


u just need to use Hexadecimal Colours
Yeah, and I did that! I put the blue font I wanted there, as you can see from the screen shot! But it still shows orange???


Is there somewhere else that needs to be changed?
Isn't the font blue already?

Do you mean you want the background to be blue?
No, please look at the first screen shot from the first post. That font is orange, and i WANT it to be blue!
Help Desk == Table Header ( Since that is a link on index.php, you would need to change the Link CSS Attributes of it. But on forumdisplay.php it aint a link anymore, so Font Color must be filled in too with the blue color =P )
Bark Here == Alternating Row1 or Alternating Row2
Links?? Dang, I didn't even think about them being links! Jeesh! LOL...Thanks, Lex!!