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Full Version: Wordpress & Mybb
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I would like to integrate the mybb forums into wordpress and use the wordpress header, footer and sidebar.

Is their a mod?

Yes, there is a Mod I do believe. Whether It's official.. I don't know. I'll be sure to have a look for you.
There is no complete Wordpress bridge, and the partial ones don't really deal w/ themes, AFAIK.
You can copy/paste html from your WP footer and header and use it in the proper MyBB templates.*
*Obviously, you might need to edit some parts (i.e. CSS files called for, js, MyBB welcomeblock, etc.)
OK well. can you help me insert the code into the proper mybb templates please?

I have a web hosting service and want to add a new homepage but i want to integrate the forums. I want to use wordpress because its easy for me and im used to it.

If there is a full CMS+MyBB bridge then please tell me witch CMS and where the mod is. Thanks.
There might be something new I'm not aware of...

(2012-05-14, 06:05 PM)alex809 Wrote: [ -> ]......
If there is a full CMS+MyBB bridge then please tell me witch CMS and where the mod is. Thanks.

Drupal: There is a paid mod (bridge) which I've not tested yet, and don't have the link ATM.

Wordpress: If integration with WP was easy, they would be much more common.

These 2 actually work, but there are pros and cons:

Joomla + jFusion ( with MyBB
It's "exciting" when you get it up and working, but you need a lot of time (for related details) and username changes are not supported.

ocPortal + MyBB:
Note: Says MyBB 1.4 but works with MyBB 1.6 too.
  • ocPortal is kinda', almost, sorta' amazing but theme is hard to modify, and you want to budget a lot of time.
  • Has a huge list of features without adding any mods.
  • Great security, and high coding standards.
  • Some of the features only work with their native forum, so if you use MyBB those are lost.
  • ocPortal is great for a Wordpress user who wants something much more powerful, but can be a real time-waster for people who want to master it quickly.

...proper mybb templates please?

1) Make a back up copy
2) Start messing with your Header and Footer templates Toungue

Integration is something many people shy away from; You need to dig in, change things, and see what happens.
ok. There is a phpbb3 and wordpress full bridge named wp-united but currently they only support

wordpress 2.2.9 and phpbb 3.0.7 and i prefer mybb. Mybb has more customization options and i like it better.

Someone needs to make a full mybb wordpress bridge. If you know what the name of the mybb mod for the paid bridge is then i can check it out and find a nulled copy.

That would be great thanks.
You may have mor luck modifying the poral.php file to meet your needs that waiting for a real bridge between WP and MyBB.
I cant edit the file. It makes no sense and im not using it.

I mean the PHP file itself makes no sense. I am not a PHP coder and i do not understand the language of PHP. I am still very basic in HTML itself. I can edit CSS with no problem but i am also very basic in CSS also. I am not a PHP person that is why the portal file makes no sense. I do not like working with PHP.

I would much rather have a full bridge mod.

is there any way to have an iframe no scroll that automatically changes the page height to fit the forums when someone switchs between topics etc.? i would rather have an iframe like that and integrate it that way then do it with CSS and template editing. Thanks