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Full Version: Change Powered By to image
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Can we change the "Powered By MyBB" at the bottom of the forum to an image that says the same thing?

I've notice google searches for "Powered By MyBB"

This tells me that people/robots are searching for MyBB forums because:

A) They know a vulnerability.
B) They want to spam.
You are welcome to change the powered mybb text for an image that says the same thing.

~ David
You're welcome to so long as it says something along the lines of "Powered By MyBB" and the image links back to
Thank you.

I think it might be to easy of a search engine string the way it is set up now.

I love this software!! Smile
For what it's worth, I've done this but didn't notice any decrease at all.
If the PoweredBy text string is not on your page it will not return as a search engine hit.

Image files will not return a hit.

Here is what is at the bottom of both of my 2 forums sites, I must admit, I made it up and it sounds totally COOL...

[Image: 29681999399558278317.gif]

What do ya think? (It's of course linked back to I believe in supporting this project.
It would maybe be cool if the MyBB team offered some simple images to use as a replacement. I made one for my board (just testing to see if it has any impact on spam attempts).
What will be the code to change to image?


I have done this!
(04-23-2014, 07:25 PM)houque Wrote: [ -> ]What will be the code to change to image?


I have done this!

Here's a tutorial on adding images via HTML:

You would want to add this to the footer template of the theme you're using.

But it's important to remember that most sophisticated spam bots aren't searching for simple stuff like "powered by mybb" anymore and have better ways to identify and spam forums. Don't count on changing it to an image to do much good.