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Full Version: Memory Usage
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I have been helping out on some other boards recently and so was able to see the Memory Usage numbers on other boards (in the debug block in the bottom corner). On most of the boards I have looked at (some bigger than my own) the memory usage on showthread is about 4mb.

On my board, the memory usage is about 15mb on average.

Even on this page >> it is using 13.5mb.

My Questions:
What does this memory usage refer to? What could be making mine nearly 4 times larger? Is my memory usage surprisingly high?
Is my memory usage surprisingly high?

Well above the default usage, so yes pretty high.
I'm around 4MB w/ a lot of plugins and much lower on a brand new install.

Something in your $mybb object (datacache, user, settings, forums, etc.) might be extremely large?

(This part might not help you much)
I've seen a jump from ~4 to ~7MB (index.php) caused by a large amount of forums and subforums, but...
Your showteam.php example doesn't make sense.
Yea, I am looking through my cache manager - forums cache is high, I will clear out some unused forums, permissions is high too.
Anywhere above 7/8mb is probably pushing it. But just because there isn't anything special on that page doesn't mean things don't run; all your active plugin files are loaded but not necessarily used, for example.

You can use a debug plugin to see where the bottleneck is. This means you make a plugin that hooks into the places you want to check and it spits out how much memory is being used between the points. I can whip one up over the next couple of days if you want?
Hi Tomm, that would be awesome, thank you. I am going through plugins, but as you know I am a bit of a plugin fiend Big Grin

I KNOW that XThreads is whacking 4mb onto memory, but there has to be something else causing the rest of the memory load so something to help me narrow it down would be a huge help.
Bumping with some extra info.

I think this is due to my forum permissions; the current size of the forum permissions cache is 92.33 KB.

I have a fair few usergroups and 7 forums where I have custom permissions for all of these usergroups. It could be that I am not approaching the usergroups set up in a smart way. What is the best way to have many(ish) usergroups and have custom permissions? Should I set the extra usergroups to all no permissions (like guests) and use them as display groups only?