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Full Version: mybb 1.2 quickedit
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im wondering if its possible to change the behavior of the editthread link

instead of clicking on the link and having the edit menu popup (quickedit or fulledit) id rather the menu popup automatically and if you click just on the picture that you get the fulledit

i hate having to select each time what i want to do id rather be able to just click and have the fulledit by default
any ideas?
Admin CP -> Templates -> Postbit Templates -> postbit_edit

<a href="editpost.php?pid={$post['pid']}" id="edit_post_{$post['pid']}">
yes thats what i have currently, but now the quick edit option is gone

id rather instead of the menu poping up when i click but rather that it popup when i hover
Ooohhh as a rollover event ?
yes! Smile
Thank you, Dale Hay!!

It works great! YAY