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Full Version: Need Help Urgent! Header Re-sized On Some Pages!
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OK Hello,

On My Main page of my website the header is Perfect But When you click login then login again (failed login) my header goes out of place (shrinks) on the failed login page. How can i fix this?

Live Demo:

login failed page:

Note: This Is Not Just on The Login page its also on other pages.
Its on every page. Because you do width = 100% while the maximum width of the image is only 1100 or so pixels. You either have to upload a far bigger image or make your site a fixed width. So that when the browser is resized it doesnt resize with it. For example make a 1400 px site width and make a banner(logo) of the same width.

Also please.. give us an option to disable the music.. >.>
i Sure Will Im just Sorting it out that was recently added in sorry.