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Full Version: Login Problem (lower-case)
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Hi there,

I try to update my very old mybb 1.4 to last one and get a whole bunch problems so i decide to manually change db structure to reflect new 1.6 version, install fresh copy of forum and just change db mysql setting to connect on my database. After everything forum work fine except that users with capital letter cant login no more. if all letter is lowercase that its fine otherwise cant login.

What I can do to fix that? I connect to phpmyadmin and take a look over there, username in db is written correcly. If I try to login again with 1.4 core its fine.
It's going to be hard for us to support you with something that wasn't recommended. If you have issues with upgrading you should have come to us and we could have helped you out.

If you still have the original database and 1.4 files I'd suggest you try to upgrade to 1.6 latest and tell us any issues or errors you encounter. That'll be much easier than trying to make your own fixes which in the end will most likely cause some sort of problem we can't fix.
What i did is just synchronize database structure, I have files from 1.4 and files from 1.6 but database is changed and backup is already couple days old. Thats only problem i have with login using username with some capital letter. If I use login page from 1.4 core I can login without problem but with 1.6 can't.

I try to go and change my admin account from zerdev to Zerdev and then I cant even login to admin panel until I change again to zerdev