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Full Version: STB Theme
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STB Theme
downalod for free
[Image: 21e2h49.png]

Style was created by and its property.
Please do not remove the copyright notice from footer.
Please do not re-upload to another servers.
If you found a bug in the style please report in this topic.


Link to download
1.6 or 1.8

New version 1.01
- forumbit_depth2_cat

compatible with mybb 1.6.12
Image links don't work. Nor does the download link.
Both working for me right now, seems like a nice and simple theme, good job.
(2014-04-04, 01:16 PM)MatthewH Wrote: [ -> ]Image links don't work. Nor does the download link.
They work with you something is wrong.

Here, registration is required.
Good job on the theme, nice and simple.
Theme has been converted from version 1.6 to 1.8. If there is something wrong tell me.

Link to download on the
First theme submitted to themes. :p

Looks neat. I could work with it and customize it.
ajax and java scripts nt working
This theme isn't fully compatible with 1.8 - newly added stuff is missing, so some functionalities will not work as intended. I don't recommend using it until it's fixed.
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