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Full Version: I can't find out how to delete this
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I have a problem. When I started my forum, I downloaded an editor to test it. I mean a editor style. I deleted this a long time ago and the theme credits is still there under the default editor. How can I delete this? I searched through the templates and I haven't found it, and I even deleted the editor directory in jscripts/editor_styles/

Here is a picture of my problem:

[Image: tUReu.png]

Thanks Blush
Its a copyright notice. Probably the author wouldn't appreciate you to remove this notice.
Yeah but I already deleted the editor. So I don't need the copyright notice... I use the default editor now. But how can I delete this?
Does the editor author's license allows distribution? if yes then please PM me the source code. I might take a peak look as to what exactly he has edited.
Sure Yaldaram! I'll take a look at it, if so, do you want the folder for the modification or just the stylesheet.css?

Edit, I fixed it! Thanks anyway Yaldaram, as I said in the rep I gave you.
Oh, that's great Smile
I fixed it, I think I was a little bit stupid but when you told me to send you the whole package I found out that one file was still there, "editor.js" in thhe jscripts directory. I edited the line and it's gone. I couldn't have done this without your help so thank you so much!!