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Full Version: The problem in my site/ Failure to log off
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After upgrade to version 1.6.8 Forum I've ever had a problem in the code of Java Script. Namely, that the register is not properly a bug and send me there again if entered into the section of the forum sections And that the message comes to me: Can not recognize your identity so that we can log out. This can happen because of a simple disorder of the large number of BB browser JavaScript Saved
How can I treat this problem?
Thank you

45 views until now and no solutionHuh
And examples of this problem
Something is wrong with your cookie, it looks like.

By the way, the 45 views are usually spiders and other crawlers.
(06-14-2012, 11:56 AM)rusteem Wrote: [ -> ]45 views until now and no solutionHuh

Posting in the correct forum helps. Moved.
The problem did not end.For cookie it is correct and there is no problem with them
Note that Styles also changed with the entry of sections
  Is there a way to restore the system back.Because I changed Folder public complete with the old backup,But the problem did not end
Url please?