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Full Version: Can log in one place, not the other - same page
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I am currently running MyBB version 1.6.8. This error has happened with the previous version, too, so it's not a newer version problem. It just started about a week ago.

On our portal page - - there are two places to log in. One at the top under the header and one vertically on the lefthand side.

All of our members can log into both places except for one. This member can log into the vertical login box on the left, but when the member uses the login section under the header, she gets an error message saying she has 4 more tries. We are typing in the correct username and password - 100% guaranteed that.

Any ideas as to why this one member can login in at one place but not the other? The image below is the place that she cannot log in to.
Can you please provide any testing account as well ?
Will send you a message with info because it is a human account that is having the problem, but can't post that info publicly.
Its best to post in Private inquiries since I might go elsewhere in few minutes Toungue Sorry about this.
No problem...i am just scratching my head confused over this. ???
Anybody else have any ideas? Maybe that the username has to be over 5 characters long?
Sorry, but it's been almost 2 months. Anybody else have any suggestions to try to help?
Okay, as if anybody will notice this, but the error was caused by the Firefox update that was last done. I applied the patch while waiting for the newer version of MyBB to come out and everything works just fine.

Case closed!