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Full Version: Intranet SSO + MyBB?
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Hello! I'll start off with apologising for maybe sounding a bit dumb or maybe posting in the wrong section. But where I come from there are no stupid questions Smile

I'm the only web-consultant/developer/designer in the organization (a bank) I work at the moment. I am filling in for a person who's on "baby leave" for a year, and my experience in the matter is rather low (one year in school with basic HTML and CSS) -- so if possible,
please explain things in layman's terms and I'll provide enough info for us to reach the finish line here Smile

Basicly, their intranet-system works just fine with a SSO (single sign on) access system. The users put their email in a field, receive an email and click the link, voila they're logged in forever (or untill they actually choose to log off).

So, one of the bosses comes up to me and asks me to create an interactive FAQ-section where the users can ask questions and the leaders or people with knowledge will answer. What better than using a forum then, I thought.

But my issue is the login. Is there a way I can install this into our system, and make the forum part KEEP the single login from the intranet?

Please help, move the topic if this is the wrong section and such!
Thanks in advance Cool
It is probably possible but you need to know how the login system works and how similar it is the the MyBB one. The more similar it is, in theory it should be easier to do. To help those who may be able to actually help you do this you should try to provide a few more in depth details about the user system.

If you're looking for something that simple you can consider building your own script. It would probably only need 4 or 5 PHP pages.