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Full Version: Can someone tell me what this is "Fatal error: "
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Fatal error: Call to undefined function my_unserialize() in /home/a7295609/public_html/index.php on line 348

I can only see my forums but my other members can't, and that error shows up. Can I get some assistance please because this is irritating lol I tried a different webhost and i wanted to warm up and work with mybb, because this weekend i'm purchasing a domain and i don't want this problem showing when i do.
Here is my first forum link -
Here is my second forum link -

Please help me because my members need forums! Big Grin

- Xrealms
Reupload ./inc/functions.php from a fresh download.
Okay Yaldaram, I surely will do.!

Sorry for reposting but you helped me out alot! I will look foward to doing that when i get the domain so i don't get angry again! thanks very much!