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I am thinking of basing the MyBB system for something completely new & innovative, make a social network off of it in a way, is there a chance I can do this completely legally & I even plan on putting powered by MyBB on the bottom but modifying completely to the way I want.

I know that this maybe be something stupid in a way because there are already systems out there to work off of but I want to personally do this.
Read to find out what is acceptable in terms of code reuse/rebranding.
Have a read of the LGPL licence:

There is more information about what you can and can't do under the GPL licences here:

In general, so long as your new system is also licensed under a GPL or GPL compatible licence and you retain the source code copyrights then you should be fine.
Ahh, ya, that is my fault for not looking. I looked around & was like, where would it go XD Well, thank you very much for putting this all up for me Smile My worry is if I put this all up, who would hack it...

Even more than that just it. Well, thank you very much again, will refer if I have more questions Smile
(2012-07-01, 09:57 AM)///ViNcE Wrote: [ -> ]My worry is if I put this all up, who would hack it...

Knowing that you have an account with H4P (at least on the forums), Hacking is against the TOS. Just so you know Smile