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Full Version: People who are posting jobs should have a template to follow
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and any job that requires you to contact for details should not be allowed. Most of the topics in that forum contain no information at all.
I agree with this there needs to be some sort of moderation or a template to follow
I agree, they wan't us to join their team/forum, though they havn't given us any information to go by.
Can we just disable replies (Including bumping) solves half the problems there.
(2010-07-21, 06:18 AM)Tim B. Wrote: [ -> ]Listing your product:
We recommend you follow a post layout similar to this:

Introduction: Include any background information to your offer or request
Details: List the specific details of your product or your request
Conditions: Name any conditions to the deal
Contact details: Your preferred method of contact
Majority of people do not bother to read the Rules or Sticky threads.
There is a template but it's not enforced. You could also make it the default message when you go to the New Thread page.

Also, disabling replies might be a good idea.
Yaldaram really hit the nail on the head. No one reads the rules until they are told they violated. I didn't until I was warned. I'm going to say a majority of users don't. This forum has caused problem after problem, and it's either going to be a good idea to just direct sale and requests of themes to the subforums in the plugin or theme area at this point. Disabling replies is really the only other suggestion I have right now.

Brad= I don't believe you can do that Core 1.6 and I haven't heard of anything like that planned for 1.8. Whilst I agree with the idea in general, it's not good to showcase something MyBB doesn't offer.
Please warn users who post jobs as PAID when they are paying in forum points.
(2012-07-11, 08:38 PM)brad-t Wrote: [ -> ]Please warn users who post jobs as PAID when they are paying in forum points.

Warning them for something that is not even mentioned in the rules? The rules and follow guidelines need a rewrite.
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