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Full Version: MyBB Multiforums MOD
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Hello all,

For our MyBB Multiforums Modification we are looking for Beta Testers. Please apply down here with your age and your experience in PHP/MYSQL. Don't worry about our ugly homepage that will be changed soon.

The Beta script can allready do this:
•subdomains ( forum.yoursite/ )
•directory's ( yoursite/forum/ )
•Forced ads/disable ads for user
•create userdir based on username
•Remove Dir/mysql if user remove the forum
•allow XX forums to be created by same user
•allow user to delete his own forum
•backups based on table prefix ( user)
•easy to install ( create file takes care of db and files)
•Full install of mybb , so users can not mess things up and do everything on there own (custom plugins / templates and so on )

We will add more features later on, like an admin panel for example.
You can see our demo at our (ugly) homepage, but you will get your own copy of the script and the template is easy to change.

Register to become a beta tester and get your own free copy at
Is this still going?