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Full Version: Remove replies from Services/Req forum
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One all people do there is try to force their opinions on others. It's not a critism forum, it's a request one.

And before you get to it, no one cares if you are right. There are rules, and people just don't follow them. They say hurtful things, and intentionally try to be an jerk, and it hurts people. It's not nice nor is it worth it.

Now replies for the most part are pointless there. 90% of the time people ask for clarification it's because it's not there, not because they want to.
IMO there should be some amendments in the Rules of that section.

Now it says;
Tim B. Wrote:Rules for replying:
- If the buyer has specified that offers must be either public or private you must obey their preference
- No feedback or discussion other than offers or questions are allowed
- Only make an offer if you are serious and able to fulfill your offer
I agree that people do not read the Rules/Stickies or just not follow them, however if MyBB makes a strong rule that if they fails to abide by these terms then a ban will be coming soon (temporary ban), something like this.

I think MyBB really needs to take a stand on this.
Ya, I think start doing 24 hour bans and eventually word will spread regarding the rules.
Hopefully, because people are just posting things to intentionally killing peoples hopes of making a forum.

Remember that kid with that pokemon forum, last I heard he sold/closed it with +10k posts. And he didn't everything people said was wrong.

Prime example: