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Full Version: Automanicly closes -
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I've seen a heap of threads in the support section, and as soon as someone got the response they we're looking for, they would tick that answer as the solved response.

But a heap of people still post on the thread, even though they see it's been solved.

I think it'd be good if as soon as they mark a response green, as helping them, the thread automaticly closes or something?

That's not always the best solution. I've seen people mark the first reply as the best answer, even if it doesn't solve their issue. Lord knows why but it happens.

If a user does say they've fixed the issue without saying how I see no problem with another user saying how to fix it incase someone else finds the thread because they have the same issue.
IMO allow authors to open/close their own threads. But again, I don't think people do bother to click that button.
people don't even bother marking threads as solved. It's extremely doubtful they'd actually lock them.
I do though