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Full Version: im looking for Theme (Button v. 1.2) Help me pls.
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iam just update mybb v. 1.2 finish (my them is change)

i am looking for the button click of my color (style)
** the follwing of button that i wanna change & give u...
.... 3 Pieces....
-   postbit_multiquote
-   postbit_quickquote
-   rateuser

can u help me please................... : (
You mean like the this GDK for 1.2? Smile
hi, CraKteR

what is the Post Number (very number of post)

so thanks lot
hi CraKteR

ok i saw the file (button) but it is the blue color
But i need the red color ( please see the Attached File that i put)

i don't have the Adobe Photoshop CS program...please help me
You didn't make them other buttons yourself?
I'm terribly bad at graphics so you would have to ask someone else to possibly do it for you.
thanks Crakter...

I looking for someone Can help me

iam waiting for anyone Help me : (
I'll see if I can do something. Can't promise anything tho, cause I haven't been able to get the buttons that shape yet Toungue Big Grin
Here they are. Hope they're the right color!! Big Grin


so thanks firefoxwiz
help me please
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