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Full Version: Replace Word Permanently
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I need help on the word filter built into MyBB.

Pretend that if i made it that whoever types in "Oyster", it will be replaced with "Robin" (though the Word Filter in Admin CP)

Now, if any user types "Oyster", when published, it will appear as "Robin" like I put. The problem is, if anyone were to edit or quote the user, the word "Oyster" will still appear.

Im in attempt to block websites using the word filter. Like if someone types "", i would make it change into "banned" but if I, the poster, or anyone else that quotes or edits it, we can still see the original site.

How do we make it replace the word permanently
No one can help me solve this problem? I know other forums have this
The bad word filter works at parser level. It's supposed to show the original word when editing.

It shouldn't (and by design doesn't) show the original word once quoted.
Replace a string in all posts of your forum: