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Full Version: Looking for a reliable temporary tech admin
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We need a reliable tech admin who knows everything about MyBB and Wordpress. Require extensive knowledge in... everything that is needed to modify and create - template, plugin, and to fixing any unexpected problems.

Basically we need a tech admin who can help us to finish our web design. The main web site is based on Wordpress, the forum is based on MyBB.

The tech admin needs to be reliable, and communicative.

I am willing to pay reasonable price if the job can be done reasonably fast and GOOD. It is the best if you are a regular on this forum with lots of posts and "reputation". After all, I will give you temporary admin access, so I need someone who I can trust. Smile

You may recommend someone or recommend yourself here. Big Grin
For details, you may PM me.
Sent you a PM.
(2012-07-17, 09:43 AM)Ram8349 Wrote: [ -> ]It is the best if you are a regular on this forum with lots of posts and "reputation".

All these 3 requirements are present in me LOL Toungue

Anyway, sending you a PM.

Edit: Sorry, the tab went open for long and didn't realized Fabio already PM'ed you. I'm not going to send you the PM in respect of the staff.
If you still need this PM me. I may not be very active in the forums but I know MyBB and WordPres VERY well as a user and developer.