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Full Version: Chahatt Premium Yaldi Design
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An extremely customised header.
jQuery dropdown login.
jQuery dropdown Welcome panel.
Heavily modified forumbits.
Forum's descriptions in nice tooltips.
New on/off/offlock icons.
Avatar of last poster in last post area on index.
Subforums in javascript dropdown with single subforum on each line (rather then comma separated sub forums)
Heavily modified board stats area.
jQuery jump to top on each page.
Customised footer.
Heavily modified thread list area.
Show total subscribed users of each particular forum/subforum.
Show total subscribed users of each particular thread.
Advanced paginations.
New styled breadcrumb.
Customized thread pages, postbits and quickreply.
A new look for user's profile.
Themes comes with a plugin having the following features;

1. Show total subscribed users of each particular forum/subforum on forumdisplay pages.
2. Show total subscribed users of each particular thread on thread pages.
3. Posting in Wall on user's profile. This features allows selective usergroups to post any thing they want on other/own profile.

There are 4 folders inside the .zip;
./images/chahatt/ <-- all images of theme are inside this folder.
./XML/ <-- The .xml file needed to be "Import"
./PSDs/ <-- 3 PSD files (Logo, Large Buttons, Small buttons).

AdminCP > Themes and Templates > Themes > Click on "Import a Theme" tab > and do the following actions;
- Upload the .xml file (present inside the .zip folder) through "Import From" option.
- Parent Theme = MyBB Master Style
- New Name = Chahatt (or whatever name you want to use for this theme)
- And in "Advanced Options" tick the "Ignore Version Compatibility" checkbox.

Click on "Import Theme" button.

You're not allowed to remove the credit line from the footer of this theme, remove my license or claim the theme as yours. For this you've to buy a Buy Out Purchase license. For more details about this license, please refer to this thread:

You can get support for this product up to 3 consecutive months from the date of purchase. No further support will be given after 3 consecutive months.

Buy this theme just for 15$ USD.
Live demo? Video demos are horrible and sometimes give a bad representation of the theme.
I agree, I might create a demo site.