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Full Version: Turning into quickedit mode causes page to scroll to textarea
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I'm customizing my 1.6.8 board and I'm stucked in finding how to remove this thing. When I enter Quick Edit mode clicking on the button, the entire page scrolls down/up and arrives to the loaded textarea. I'd like to remove this, so I can click on Quick Edit button and see textarea loading without page scrolls.

I'm not english, so if you didn't understand something, please let me know, I will provide screenshots to explain my issue a little bit better.
Yeah can you provide screenshots of the issue and also a link to your boards?
unfortunately I can't provide a link of my development board since me and my Team want to keep it as more secret as possible.

You can see some screenshots with comments in attachments.

Oh, I'm sure it doesn't depend on my own custom theme since I can replicate this issue on default theme.
i think you removed mybb copyright.
I didn't removed MyBB's Copyright disclaimer. You helped me a lot and I'm helping you in return of this.

See attachments for MyBB's disclaimer proofs.

Sorry for high blur but for reasons explained above I really can't show publicly my board's theme, I already did a great effort to show you postbit layout.
Bump Smile
Any chance you could post your URL and details of a test account? If you do not wish to post them publicly, please post them in a new thread in Private Inquiries.
Unfortunately I really can't. But you can test this issue also in this site, editing a post you can see that you are "anchor redirected" to generated textarea, instead of just showing up textarea without this thing.
I've decided to look into this issue after a long time and since my PHP/JS skills are dramatically improved, I succeeded in solving this issue on my own.

The "autoscroll" is fired into ./jscripts/thread.js and it calculates the offset to scroll to using the javascript's scrollTo function. To remove this behavior from your board:

Find, at line 221:

			offsetTop = -60;
				offsetTop += element.offsetTop || 0;
				element = element.offsetParent;

			scrollTo(0, offsetTop);

And remove it from thread.js. You're done! Big Grin