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Full Version: Can locked threads in the showcase please be moved to an archive?
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Threads in the Showcase can only be bumped five times, and there's nothing more frustrating than using one of your precious bumps, only to return to the site an hour later to find that you've been pushed off the first page by forums that violated the Showcase guidelines and were immediately locked. Is there any reason that those posts should remain in the Showcase? They only serve to keep hardworking, honest admins' advertisements further from the top of the thread listing.

I propose that if a thread is locked for a policy violation on any forum where bumps are limited (so Job Requests as well) it is also moved to an archive to prevent it from cluttering up the boards (and keeping good threads from being visible).
Actually the showcase should be getting a clean soon. They said they want to archeive it once a year.
The problem is no one really goes in the archive so they'll just start a new thread to get around the bump rule.
This isn't about threads that use up their bumps and get locked to be set out to pasture. This is about sites that don't run myBB, don't display the copyright, promote hacking, and so on. They never belonged in the Showcase in the first place, so why are try still there pushing our threads down?
I do agree with your point here but I'm not too sure if the archive is the best place for them to go. IMO it would be better to remove it from public view and make it viewable only to the thread owner (to see why their thread was removed) and staff. But of course there are probably various ways of dealing with this Toungue
That's fine too. Anything that keeps them from cluttering up the forum when viewed by the public. For example, at the moment there are 8 locked thread above mine right now. 2 weed forums, a non-myBB site, two copyright violator, a hacking forum, a site that doesn't even have a forum installed, and a single forum that was closed by request.

I'd still be on the first page if it weren't for those threads wasting the space.
I believe some of the threads you're referring to have now actually been moved to Private Inquiries Toungue
As Lo. said I believe the showcase will be archived soon.
(2012-07-24, 02:07 PM)Lo. Wrote: [ -> ]Actually the showcase should be getting a clean soon. They said they want to archeive it once a year.

It was archived in April:
Tim told me this morning that he might do it this weekend :p