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Full Version: [Hiring] Custom Skin/Template CODER
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Hi all.

I'm looking for a coder who can take a set of 3 .psd's (each main forum part is well set apart in .psd) and code the design into a solid MyBB theme.

Please respond with past work information/portfolio and your cost estimate... The design will be sent via PM for refinement of your bid. However for refernce the template is similiar in layout to

I can pay via PayPal or StormPay.

Thank you.
No one?
Well, I don't know what on earth a psd is, but I can theme. The themes I make are simple though Toungue
psd's are source files for photoshop, The GIMP can also open these files. Smile
I can help ya if you like Wink
CraKetR Wrote:The GIMP can also open these files.
Yay! I have The GIMP!!!!! Big Grin
I'm a decent skinner.. Check out my latest here: Not quite finished, but you get the idea Wink
I'd be glad to help! I've only done a few mybb skins (started last month) but I have been doing webdesigning for over 3 years now... You can see my latest skins at and I'm sure I could help you with it! If interested, please PM me or contact me on MSN messenger ( my ID is pritthish at hotmail dot com)

Also, my rate would be 10 to 15 USD...
idle thread?