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Full Version: Create a forum together
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I am looking for someone really experienced in MyBB to create an original forum together with. You must also have the time to administrate it, and such.

I have a few original ideas I haven't seen before, and I can possibly also pay for the domain, and create a theme.

If you're interested please send me a private message.
paid job ?
Not paid, since I am just interested in creating a forum together with another one, with an original idea, since a forum most of the times get's better by having 2 experienced admins than 1, because they can do double work in the amount of time 1 would've done as one's work if you understand.
Moved to R/S/J. Not sure why you posted this in " Community & Site Issues", it's clearly outlined in the title, description, and in the in-your-face announcement what that forum is for.
Sorry. I we're not really sure where to post it.
PMed you.
If you let me know what type of ideas you're thinking about and one interests me I'd be up for it. Smile
Hmm, if I had the time I might be interested, to be honest it is a good idea, but you need to make sure you have admins who balance each other - one a coder/implementer, the other a social/ideas guy. Great code is worth nuts if you can't create a community with it
I am probably the coder/impleneter guy. I've been programming for 5 years now.
Edit: Good luck as TrickShot pointed out I'm an idiot so don't worry about it.
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