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Full Version: Need some help with the template
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Hello all.
I'm trying to make a theme of my own for MyBB 1.2, but I'm running into a couple of problems. I managed to fix some of them, but still have some problems remain since I'm not very good at finding my way around the template yet (I just discovered MyBB last week Big Grin).

1. The most noticable one being the navigation bar on the top, in IE it's displayed correctly but in Firefox, the background bit behind the buttons doesn't show, leaving a big gap in the nav bar. Like this screenshot:



Another cross-browser problem, but this time the browser that manages to display it correctly is Firefox. It's the part that displays the icon legends in the forum view.

Firefox view:

IE view:


Finally, the problem with some of the table width not stretching normally. This appears in both browsers, in several page including the FAQ page and the portal. I think I may have caused it by removing some attributes from either the template or the CSS, but I dont know where to find it.


If you still dont understand what I said, please see my dev board here: Sorry it's not in English but I hope you can help by looking at the source code. Oh and if you need more information, drop a line here, I'll be happy to provide them.

Appreciate any help.
2. it's default theme problem, fix for that
Yup that solved the icon thing problem, thanks alot Bas.
That's one down, two to go. Smile
Any more help? Really appreciate it.
xiaozhu Wrote:3:

Argh actually before I read that topic I already tried to add that to the CSS but I thought it didn't work, turned out it did but I forgot to refresh the page so I was seeing the cached page. Thanks.

That leaves the header nav.
Btw, how do I make a link viewable to Member only?
I've looked at some of the previous templates and noticed that they used this syntax

<if condition=$mybb->user['uid']> 0 <then>
Content here for member only.
<else /></if>

But that doesn't seem to work on my 1.2, when I tried to insert that code it gives me a big "0" on the top of my forum.
Had something changed in 1.2?
You need to apply/overwrite some files for Conditionals to work in MyBB 1.2
Oh yeah I forgot to add the file in /inc, thanks. It works now.